A Rebellion failed, an Empire resurgent


“The Shards of Alderaan” is a Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars campaign set in an alternate timeline to “canon” Star Wars. In this timeline, the Rebellion (first seen in Star Wars: A New Hope) failed in their desperate attack on the first Death Star. During this attack, the young Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker and the Sith Lord Darth Vader perished, along with the entire Rebel strike force. Consequently, the planet Yavin 4 was also destroyed, along with the Rebel base — though no evidence that Leia Organa died has ever been discovered.

With the Rebellion crushed, the Empire’s strength is reinvigorated. Emperor Palpatine has consolidated his grip on the Imperial systems, and has begun territorial expansions into the Outer Rim — in particular the Galactic North, and along routes branching out from the Galaxy-spanning hyper-lane called the Hydian Way. With the Jedi Order exterminated, the Emperor has revealed the Sith to the Galaxy: the true source of his power now in the open, he has established Sith training facilities throughout the Empire, and erected temples devoted to the glory of the Sith and of his rule.


Our story opens 15 years after the Battle of Yavin, where Imperial victory served as the occasion to mark the founding of a new calendar: ABY (After the Battle of Yavin). The Outer Rim of the Galactic North — an area informally known as the “New Territories” — is generally loyal to the Empire, but poorly developed and relatively unexplored. Many competing interests vie for the attention of Imperial trade routes, and proxy wars abound as resources are contested. New hyperlanes are still being charted in this region, and with these explorations, new systems and cultures are being exposed for the first time to Imperial law. On the borders of the Empire, refugees from justice and ambitious entrepreneurs find common cause, all the while avoiding scrutiny of the Emperor’s servants.

The Shards of Alderaan

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