The Shards of Alderaan



The upper deck of the Nimmuz lies in smoking tatters as your ragtag group flees on the stolen YT-560. On board are the Twi’lek Ioyel Tuvaw, the Duros Dr. Viktor, the humans Tatoma Jenwee and Aleph, the Force-sensitive child Tarlo Kemen, and the unfortunate wretch Blythos Croban. Barely salvaged but still technically alive is the pirate probe droid K3-PR, who suffered terrible wounds at the hands of the Sinekesh.

Session Recap

Quarren_Pirate.jpgThe notorious pirate group the Sinekesh, led by the Gi’Hal Sisters, attack the Nimmuz, boarding her and seizing control of her main decks. They claim they are there for slaves, but all is not what it seems. There is evidence everywhere of an inside job: some of the ships’ guards are slaughtered, while others seem to be colluding with the pirates.

Cleverly escaping from their slave pods, the group split up, attempting to discern the problems plaguing the stalled ship, and to discover the secrets behind the pirate raid. In escaping, they unwittingly allowed the other refugees to escape, sowing chaos but providing cover for their plans.

Mirialan_Smuggler.jpgA mysterious Mirialan involved in some kind of black marketeering managed to slip away and avoid the conflict on board the Nimmuz, but in the confusion left behind an encrypted datapad. While the contents of the core files remain locked, the group managed to discover limited information — spatial coordinates in the Denwe System, a little-explored tail-end of the dangerous Naronis Pocket.

K3Pr_Droid.jpgAs the pirates sift through the throngs of refugees, the group communicates with the pirate probe droid K3-PR, who requests assistance and rescue, and reveals that the Sinekesh are in fact looking for a human boy. Promised freedom, he returns to the pirates to maintain his cover.

Meanwhile, the group manages to vent the dangerous radiation leaking from the Nimmuz reactor, and delay the ship’s destruction by reactor meltdown by many hours. Transmitting the coordinates of the ship via wide-beam broadcast, they hope that the message will be received by Imperial forces, hastening their arrival, and rescuing the remaining refugees.

A human boy, Tarlo Kemen, seems to have been the target of the raid — despite the claims of the Sinekesh that they were there for slaves. Very soon after being met, he demonstrated a powerful command of the Force, and secured the group’s help in escape. Disaster nearly struck as his bodyguard was savagely cut down attempting to save Tarlo. Before expiring, the bodyguard made the group swear they would protect the boy, and that he was promised to the Sith Academies on Axxila.

The past came back to haunt the party in the unexpected and form of Blythos Croban, who pathetically attempted to assassinate Viktor for his past misdeeds. While no resolution to these misdeeds was reached, Blythos was convinced that murder was not the best option. He even redeemed himself by clumsily attacking Sinekesh pirates in a critical moment, helping the group secure an escape.

Scouting the threat posed by the pirates, the group discovered the Nimmuz was under siege by four ships: two Scyk Interceptors, a heavily modified Space Master Transport, and a rare YT-560 Light Freighter (guarded by a Sullustan pilot, who was killed defending his ship).

Sakiyan.jpgAs the group congregated on the upper deck of the Nimmuz, the pirates caught up to them. An intense close-quarters firefight ensued. Many pirates were blown out into the vacuum of space, but the hardier ones survived, and fought desperately to secure their quarry. A monstrous Quarren Slaver ensnared Aleph and Tarlo, before a close shot from Aleph threw him off balance and allowed K3-PR to distract and grapple him. Furious and frustrated, the slaver repeatedly bashed the droid into the wall, before firing a terrible blast from his pistol, and sending K3-PR crashing to the ground in a smouldering heap. From the other end of the ship, Viktor and Tatoma engaged in a blaster battle down the hallway with the Sakiyan Gi’Hal Jereya, before taking refuge in the crew mess, and crawling through a jeffries tube into the crew quarters. Following them into the room, Jereya nearly killed Tatoma with a deadly shot from her X-30 Lancer Pistol, before being stunned into submission by Viktor. Nearly bleeding out, but still in the fight, Tatoma took down the now distracted Quarren Slaver with several shots from a recovered blaster pistol. In the Observation lounge, Ioyel blew several pirates into space, before engaging in a gunfight with the Sakiyan Gi’Hal Loptik. A lucky shot blasted the oxygen regulator off Loptik’s mask, sending her into a panic in the vacuum, and allowing Ioyel to cut her down with a blaster bolt to the back.

With pirates swarming at the group from all sides of the ship, the escapees donned EVA suits found in the ship’s armoury. Panicked and unable to stop for a thorough search of the Captain’s Quarters, they nonetheless sealed the doors behind them, trapping the Sinekesh in the upper deck. Making their way through the gantry to the now-unguarded YT-560, they were able to access K3-PR’s basic functions to request the code password for the ship. Gaining access, they undocked from the Nimmuz, and with quick action and a solid astrogation plot, they engaged the ship’s hyperdrive and escaped into hyperspace.

Items Collected:


  • 2 Blaster Rifles (MODIFIED: Permanently set to stun)
  • 2 Blaster Pistols
  • 1 Holdout Blaster
  • 2 X-30 Lancer Pistols
  • 2 Vibroknives


  • 1 Encrypted Datapad (with coordinates for the Denwe system)
  • 1 Technical Datapad (with detailed readouts from the Nimmuz)
  • 7 EVA suits


YT-560 Light Freighter, the Hryntir’s Razor

  • Improved Hyperdrive (Class 1, Backup Class 12)
  • Electronic Countermeasures Suite




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