The Shards of Alderaan

Prologue: Agamar and the Flight



The Battle for Agamar wasn’t really a “battle”. Not unless you consider half-trained planetary defence forces outnumbered ten to one against trained Imperial Navy capable of sustaining a “battle”. No, it was more of a punitive exercise than anything else.

Agamar had long held anti-Imperial sympathies. It had eagerly signed up with the Confederacy during the Clone Wars against the Republic, and in the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin, a group named the Agamar Resistance began a campaign of sabotage against Imperial targets. The Resistance eventually joined the short-lived Rebellion against the Empire, before they were crushed at Yavin. In truth, the motives of the Resistance to the Empire came from the same place as they did against the Republic: less out of loyalty to the now-defunct Rebellion and more because the farming conglomorates were being taxed to death by punishing Imperial levvies on Agamarian grain (much as they were in the days of the Republic).

A moderately wealthy, but still primarily agricultural world, Agamar had long struggled with its identity within the greater political entities of the Republic: while Republic and then Imperial administration and bureaucracy had brought order and security alongside, to say nothing of the extended reach that the Imperial trade fleet brought, those gains came alongside thinner and thinner profit margins, as well as directives around supply chains and agricultural practices.

Over time, dissent grew, and was crushed. After the defeat of the Rebellion and the rise of the Shard, Some wealthy and powerful agri-barons began using “alternative” shipping options connected to the Shard, and then allegienaces grew from there. After 8 years, riots and tax evasion were commonplace. Two years after that, the main space station, Port Vidma, was seized by insurrectionist forces. A truce was declared and negotiations for some form of independence began. Six months after that, the Empire’s main negotiator on Agamar, the Sith Diplomat Lady Cushro, was critically injured in an assassination attempt. Images of her disfigured visage were broadcast across the Northern Arm. Outrage spread.

The Empire’s response was both predictable and unexpected. With no warning, a fleet of Star Destroyers appeared in orbit above the planet. The truce was over. Immediately, they began bombing the global trade city of Tasp-Merken, and laying siege to the planet. The Empire called for an evacuation of all Imperial loyalists and the bureaucracy, alongside any neutral civilians caught up in the fighting. Any nearby ship with an Imperial flag was ordered to facilitate to the evacuation. Neutral ships were either pressed into service (if not powerful enough to resist the Navy) or commissioned with credits to transport refugees.

This, in the end, is how you ended up on board the Nimmuz.



You thought being caught in an orbital bombardment was bad? Try sleeping cheek to jowl for a week with 2,000 desperate, needy Imperials.

All of you were in Tasp-Merken during the bombing. The Imperials had been targeting military and insurrectionist infrastructure, but orbital bombing campaigns during wartime are rarely precise affairs. Thousands of civilians — mostly native Agamarian — died. Imperial troops were beginning combat landings when you each, individually, made the decision to flee the fighting. None of you were native to the planet, and had few loyalties there.

The majority of your fellow refugees are loyalist Imperials, many of whom were born in Imperial enclaves on Agamar. This is especially true of the younger refugees. There are a large number of minor nobility and wealthy Imperial merchants — people who were able to bribe their way onto the Nimmuz, but not able to afford transports of their own.

Inevitably, non-Imperials number among the throng. These include many aliens, offworld traders, tourists, diplomats from non-Imperial consulates, and Agamarians with families who did not want to risk the fighting.

Most, if not all of these people, are unused to the conditions aboard the Nimmuz, and it is wearing on their morale and their behaviour. While there is adequate food, it is nothing but gruel and ration packs. The ship’s crew are only used to handling slaves, and are both unable and unwilling to accommodate the demands of the well-heeled and needy refugees. The Imperials are the worst of the bunch: they bicker incessantly over the smallest perceived slights, and their constant complaints to the crew have only resulted in worse treatment.


  • Register a profile on Obsidian Portal and “become a fan” of the Shards of Alderaan campaign. I will send you an invite and you can join the campaign site.
  • Write a brief backstory about why you were on Agamar. Your character doesn’t need to be “from” Agamar (although feel free to choose this if you want), but you should have a reason as to why you were there before the Imperial “response” attack. This backstory does NOT have to be connected to your Obligation — it can be a purely incidental matter. Reward: +5XP


I never got an invite, but it was easy enough to do without.

Prologue: Agamar and the Flight

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Prologue: Agamar and the Flight

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