Hydian Way


The Hydian Way (pronounced /hʌi-diː-yæn/) was a super-hyperroute that began at the Corporate Sector on one side of the galaxy and continued through the core to the other side, past Eriadu. It was the only route that passed through the entire galaxy. The Hydian Way was blazed around 3700 BBY, by famed Brentaal IV native Freia Kallea, and helped open up much of the galaxy beyond the region known as The Slice, fundamentally altering the scale of galactic civilization. The route was named in honor of Duros scout, and later Kallea’s colleague, Banu Hydia.


Beginning at the Outer Rim world of Bonadan, the Hydian Way led past Bandomeer and Taris to Bogden in the Inner Rim. Just after intersection with the Perlemian Trade Route at Brentaal, one of the Core Worlds, the Corellian Run was connected near Caamas. The Hydian Way then went by Alderaan and Rendili, to cross the Corellian Run again, this time at Inner Rim world Denon. It continued near Derra IV in the Expansion Region and Malastare in the Mid Rim, crossing Rimma Trade Route at Eriadu, and ended in the Outer Rim, close to Polis Massa and Subterrel.

Ciutric Hegemony

The Ciutric Hegemony was a group of a dozen worlds in the Outer Rim dominated by Ciutric IV. Other worlds included Axxila, the planets of the Corvis Minor system, Liinade III, and Vrosynri 8. During the Clone Wars, the Ciutric Hegemony joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In the aftermath of the Clone Wars, Moff Pensar Luc became the Galactic Empire’s governor in the region. Luc continues to rule the region, and is one of the Empire’s longest-serving governors.

Axxila–Tangrene Hyperlane


An established hyperlane that is a few jumps away from the galaxy’s longest hyper-route, the Hydian Way. The Axxila-Tangrene hyperlae runs from Axxila to Tangrene in the Outer Rim Territories. This corridor of industrial worlds contained Axxila, Edusa, and Vandyne.



Axxila is an ecumenopolis (a city that covers the entire surface of the planet), often described as “Coruscant, but inside-out”. It is located at the intersection of the Celanon Spur and the hyperlane of industrial worlds (containing Vandyne, Camden, Edusa, and Tangrene). The system was the home of the Axxila Antipirate Fleet, until this fleet was disbanded and absorbed into the main Imperial Fleet. Since this disbanding, pirate activity has increased in the region, leading to unrest and some dissatisfaction with Imperial rule.


Axxila is a key trade world and critical junction point between the Hydian Way and the Veragi Trade routes. Any freight moving from the Corporate Sector or the Gordian Reach will prefer to pass through the Celanon Spur and then Axxila, partly because the Axxila trade market services the worlds of the Axxila-Tangrene lanes, and because the industral worlds of those lanes produce goods that can be traded and sold throughout the Veragi routes. In this economic cluster, they are in direct competition with Vinsoth, the home of the Chevin species: Vinsoth services ships passing from the Galactic South moving North via the junction of the Botajef system, and whose shipyards produce highly valued vessels in demand along the Veragi routes. The Chevin act as agents for Botajef shipyards and trading, and constantly seek to undermine the economic endeavours of the Axxilan economy.

Axxila is also one jump away from the X’Ting-dominated world of Ord Cestus, which has been spared colonization by the Empire only because the ruling Families of Cestus have agreed to license Cestus Cybernetics products to the Imperial Army. As a result, the insectoid X’Ting can be found on occasion within Imperial research facilities around Axxila, and in particular in the Vandyne system, where a large Applied Research facility is testing Cestus Cybernetics products.


During the Jedi Civil War, Axxila was the site of a battle won by the Sith. The Battle of Axxila was an early battle of the Jedi Civil War, a conflict between the Galactic Republic and Darth Revan’s Sith Empire. It took place following the sacking of Foerost as new battlefronts opened up across the galaxy because of the advancing Sith Empire. The Sith first advanced on Roche and conquered the planet. Axxila then fell to the Sith invaders as another battlefront opened. At the highest extent of the Sith Empire, Axxila remained under Imperial control.


During the Clone Wars, Axxila was part of the Ciutric Hegemony. When the Hegemony, along with Axxila, joined the Separatists, many Axxilan, known as Free Axxilans, fled the planet and relocated to the planet Halmad. Following the end of the Clone Wars, many Separatist forces retreated to the neighboring Ciutric sector.

Given its long affiliation with the Empire and the Sith, Axxila houses several Sith ruins. It is the site of one of the key Sith Academies in the Galactic North — the largest outside of Korriban (the original Sith homeworld).

The Naronis Pocket

The Naronis Pocket is a semi-plotted hyperlane starting in the Vandyne system and terminating in the Naronis system. A “pioneer” lane to the Denwe system has been attempted but with little success. Travel between systems in the Pocket remains very dangerous and should only be attempted by skilled astronavigators.



While the worlds of the Naronis Pocket had been known for some time to explorers, they had only been settled in an organized fashion since approximately 300 BBY. The first known, organized scouting of the Naronis Pocket hyperlane was done by Sha Meegi, a Gossam explorer, in 338 BBY. Official records of this endeavor are not in possession of any known source, and Meegi’s route has been pieced together from guesswork and tracer beacons left by those first attempts. In the course of this reconstruction, many ships and lives have been lost: the systems of the Pocket are home to severe gravimetric anomalies, which disrupt hyperdrives and make navcomputer calculations exceedingly difficult. As a result, the Pocket has developed a reputation as a deathtrap — attempted only by the desperate or foolhardy.

Nevertheless, the three inhabited systems of the pocket, and the charted but unsurveyed systems beyond it, are home to a disroportionate level of desirable resources and colonizable terrain.


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