The Shard


Following the annihilation of Alderaan and the defeat of the Rebellion at the Battle of Yavin, a new organization was formed in resistance to the Empire. Its full name is The Shard of Alderaan, though it is commonly known as “The Shard”.

With no substantial military capacity or open political support, this organization employs a campaign of sabotage, assassination, espionage, and underground propaganda to achieve its goals. The Shard has subsequently been labeled a terrorist organization by the Empire, and has been assigned a high priority for counter-espionage activity. However, with no visible military support to confront, the Imperial military has so far been ineffective as a means to combat this organization.

Shard_Logo__small_.jpgLittle is known about The Shard. None of its leaders have been captured alive, and it uses a cell structure that limits and controls information in its rank and file. It is known to have many non-human species amongst its members (determined from corpses killed in a few number of actions).

Publicly, even less is known about this group. They are not yet a household name, except amongst diehard Imperial patriots. Those who do know them tend to be inhabitants of the Northern Arm, and will likely reference its highest-profile action, which was the bombing of the Imperial Hospital on Corsin. This bombing resulted the complete destruction of the facility, and all who were inside it — some 800 souls, all told. The group did not release a statement, but did claim responsibility for the act. Official media quickly condemned the activity, and it is safe to say that amongst the most loyal of Imperial worlds in the Outer Rim, that the Shard has little to no popular support.

As for non-Imperial and worlds disputing its rule, the story is somewhat different. The Shard has been running an illicit propaganda campaign against the Empire, fomenting unrest on topics such as unfair taxation, the seeking of revenge for atrocities such as Alderaan, as well as more traditional anti-Imperial arguments against slavery, Imperial justice, and prison culture. These campaigns are gaining popularity in smaller and fringe outposts, or developed worlds with a history of independence where Imperial presence simply makes life difficult. However, and unlike the Rebellion, no planets have openly declared for the Shard.

Agamar was the first planet in the Outer Rim to demonstrate open support amongst certain quarters for the Shard, but the planetary political culture certainly did not make such claims. Their presence was never felt in official channels, but many protestors on Agamar were seen to be waving propaganda clearly manufactured by the Shard.

In addition to the regular list of possible crimes against the Empire, a wide spectrum of new crimes associated with the Shard have been introduced and are starting to be enforced in the Northern Outer Rim. Examples of such crimes include:

  • Possession, manufacturing, or distribution of Shard propaganda materials
  • Associating in any form with known Shard sympathizers or agents
  • Aiding or abetting political activities associated with the Shard
  • Trading to known partners of the Shard or to locations known to be frequented by the Shard

The Shard

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