The Shards of Alderaan

Three hours, and counting...

A one-way ticket to Coptos


To call your escape “narrow” might be to indulge in some understatement. With two Scyk Interceptors closing in on your position, and an armed Space Master freighter powering up its weapons, only a clutch move could save you. Luckily, Viktor’s quick thinking and natural Duros talent on the Astrogation computer saved you. The Hryntir’s Razor, like any good pirate vessel, had an escape key programmed into its navicomputer — and you are currently barreling towards this pre-programmed destination at a speed none of you are accustomed to travel at.

That speed is made possible by the souped-up engines of the YV-560 freighter you currently occupy. It doesn’t take a detailed inspection from Tatoma to tell that the hyperdrive of the Hryntir’s Razor has been heavily modified — and while he thinks he could have done better at integrating the upgrades with the sublight engines, it’s clear that quality workmanship went into the job.


Your destination is set for the system of Coptos — a little-known, but nevertheless charted system that is not connected to any known hyperlanes. The starcharts on board the Razor have little to say about the system, except that it is home to several dangerous magnetometric phenomena, and is riddled with several large asteroid belts.

At your current speed, you will arrive in the Coptos system in three hours.

The Razor is a new-model ship — both Viktor and Ioyel are roughly familiar with the model — that has only been on the market for a few years. Its previous owners did not waste any time making it their own, however, and besides being “well-used”, it has received other modifications in addition to the engines. Besides being equipped with a state-of-the-art science lab and scanning array, the Razor has had further enhancements to its electronics and communications systems. What looks like a sophisticated ECM (electronic countermeasures) suite has been installed into what used to be the crew galley (#9 on the legend), which can be controlled from the cockpit; the fore double-cabin (#13) has been converted into a galley and mess, complete with a dejarik table; and the starboard cabin (#15) into a captain’s quarters.

Razor_-_Interior.jpgIt is, however, filthy, and filled with illegal goods.

It has been only an hour since you fled the scene at the Nimmuz. In this time, you have had a chance to look around and get a basic idea of your surroundings.

Of great concern is that the Razor seems not to have been used for long-term missions: there seems to be no more than one day’s food in the mess (although there are months of water supply).

The scientific research bay seems to have been used primarily as a narcotics manufacturing lab. Instead of scientific samples and racks of specimens, there are instead racks of chemicals and powders. While most of the goods that were being made were low-grade, street-quality, on a brief inspection of the main cargo hold, Ioyel uncovers three cargo pods of spice — two of Lesai and one of Booster Blue — and a box of Tarascii Plasma Explosives (six charges).

After installing Tarlo Kemen in the Captain’s quarters to rest, Aleph finds a locked safe, a set of data logbooks, and what looks like a trophy rack — filled with various tokens.

Viktor, piloting the ship from the cockpit, finds in a hidden compartment under the dashboard a brutal looking Arakyd Charged Particle Array Gun — a lethal particle “shotgun” favoured among pirates.

Most disturbing of all, Tatoma finds a deactivated droid in a huge crate in the engineering bay — and it does not look like a friendly model.

Summary of Results — Session 1

Experience: 4 hours of play (cumulative, not including time spent discussing rules, character building, out-of-game content) x 5 xp per hour of play = 20 xp per character
Bonus 5 XP: Viktor, Aleph, Tatoma (for sending character backstories)


Ioyel: Reduce Criminal by 5 for playing in Motivation (and for helping ensure innocents were not killed); Add new Obligation (Bounty: 3) for the killing of the Sakiyan pirate Gi’Hal Loptik.
Viktor: Reduce Obsession by 2 for taking pity on Blythos Croban.


  • 2 Droid Guard Blaster Rifles (MODIFIED: Permanently set to stun)
  • 2 DH-17 Blaster Pistols
  • 1 Merr-Sonn Q2 Holdout Blaster
  • 2 X-30 Lancer Pistols
  • 2 Vibroknives
  • 1 Arakyd Charged Particle Array Gun


  • 1 Encrypted Datapad (with coordinates for the Denwe system)
  • 1 Technical Datapad (with detailed readouts from the Nimmuz)
  • 7 EVA suits
  • 6 charges Tarascii Plasma Explosive


  • 40 doses of Lesai
  • 20 doses of Booster Blue


YT-560 Light Freighter, the Hryntir’s Razor


  • Improved Hyperdrive (Class 1, Backup Class 12)
  • Electronic Countermeasures Suite (see EotE Core Rulebook p. 269)

Additional Rules:

  • All “Scan the Enemy” Perception checks (3P) in the Razor receive an additional, single boost die
  • All “Slice Enemy’s Systems” Computers checks (3P) in the Razor receive an additional, single boost die
  • Any relevant checks made using the laboratory equipment in the Razor’s lab receive an additional, single boost die.
  • All Planetary and Stellar scans using this ship, up to Long range, receive an additional, single boost die. Furthermore, with successful checks, such scans at Long range are able to provide real-time, high-definition and multi-spectrum imaging of planetary surfaces/stellar phenomena, including objects no smaller than half a metre in length.




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